Flow, grow, and know.


Come here

Come, come here, come here to Me
I reach forth, shall you respond
I reach forth My hand that is unhindered
Come now, come here my dear, come here to Me
Let it, let it all go, do not be in the know
Just be here, be very near
Come here, come here My dear
So much I want to show, so much to grow
Do not hold yourself back, back any longer
Stop it and quit, turn and walk away
Fear is not allow within The Royal Kingdom
I AM with you, I’ve always have been
Always, always know, that I do not let you go


Copyright 2017 @ Matthew – warriorbreed.net

Looking past

Looking past presented pain
Action-less effort once again
Tragedy has taken yet another one
Memories are dry and fading
Flesh and bones cover our ankles
Unity hasn’t been seen
Too many losses all around
We are still sitting motionless
Unheard heart cries very apparent
Unknown needs waiting for revelation
Weariness of daily distractions
The way is made through His blood
Form the focus of my heart
Revive me once again
I press towards only You

Matthew Reed


Meet Jessica & Jorge

Meet Jessica & Jorge (they are both in the red): In attempt to encourage this ODM summer intern team, one started a conversation with these two. Honestly Jessica shot us down which is totally understandable but I started talking to Jorge. We talked about the pain in his back and he let me pray and there was  relief right away. The Lord showed me issues with his neck and Jorge let us pray again. He was feeling really free and humbled. So I started talking about God and invited Jorge to accept Jesus. He agreed and prayed the sinner prayer!!! Jessica was also humbled and started talking about God. Seeing the tattoos on her neck I God showed me that it was about her mother. Jessica explained that it was for her and she had an estranged relationship with her parents. Jessica was crying and let an intern pray for their reconciliation. Jessica also shared that two close friends just killed themselves in the last three weeks. An intern knew one of the kids and I started preaching about how God wasn’t to blame and it was the devil who steals, kills, and destroys. She was humbled by truth and was still crying, praise God. Last thing I heard in my heart was how long Jessica was praying for Jorge and I encouraged Jessica about how God hears it when she prays, that He cares about her and what she prays about in life. We finally exchanged info and invited them to church and our community. All the glory be to God!!! – M 5/25/17


Motionless effort

Motionless effort has been my days, my biggest fear is wasting the opportunity. Days that are ordained, not by my choosing, Your rest has been quite elusive. Action covered lies, all by my doing, my hands and arms are completely covered. Pushing towards righteousness, I begin to fall, the meaning of it all grows more dimly. Screaming from the pit of my own devices, drawing there-of is a matter of time. Self centered living is the beginning of distraction, who is The One Who started me? Slipping down deeper in my own mess, complete vulnerable honesty, I want all of You, or nothing at all. Show me life that matters, shake me, break me, whatever it takes Lord. Counting down my breaths is taking longer than I expected, the fantasy of life has been completely shattered. What matters, matters not if it isn’t about You, You God are the center force of all life. Please let your mercy continue for another day, reveal God’s goodness in to the inhabitants of the earth. One more thing to say, You or my Lord, God, master of it all!

M.A. Reed


Sound reigning

Sound reigning through the great auditorium
One clap, same noise, we are together
Pressing our hands together for You
The masses are engulfed by the rhythms heaven
Holy Name that shatters all grips of death
You will be glorified no matter what today’s lie is spoken
Pain that is unbearable brings me to my knees
You are always there for me, high or low

M.A. Reed

Copyright, all rights reserved

Will never

Reaching forward to what He places forth
Never stop while being in this flesh
High calling comes from Him alone
The depths of God cannot be exhausted
This moment will never come again
What memory will be formed by our conduct
Listen, be near, the time is coming
God’s glory reigns forevermore


Meet Steve:

Meet Steve: We came across this fellow believer last Thursday night during Street Ministry. At the time he had 4 days sobriety, was away from his wife, homeless, hoping to get a new job and just plainly emotionally hurt. During conversation Our Lord showed me a few things about his pain in his legs. Steve was very open to prayer and Mary and I interceded for him to The King of Kings. All pain left his legs (except tightness in his feet) and he was also healed of shoulder injury that Steve didn’t tell us about. We encouraged him with scripture and believe that God was bringing complete healing to his body and life. This man was so humbled by The Lord that night that Steve was basically crying. Steve left the convo feeling refreshed, encouraged, and knowing that The Lord was making crooked paths straight in his life! All the glory be to God! -Matthew 5/2/17




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Flow, grow, and know.

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