Flow, grow, and know.


Walking with you for the years of opportunity, twinkling of an eye, you departed too quickly.
Moments hidden within life together, close to the heart, will never forget your embrace.
Tuff and rough, you been an acquired taste, a sister forever, friendship not bound by limitations.
Jesting and kidding shows your authentic nature, a heart of gold, holding the children closely.
Conquest for freedom through multiple layers, journey has been filled with the scars of life.
To Providence you came and providence was experience, our love for you will never end.
Eternal family, you are more than mere affection, we perceived life through your unique flavor.
The Fathers glory resting upon your shoulders, conversational encouragement you sowed freely.
Impacting us making a huge dent, miss the hugs, miss the laughter, miss your vulnerable heart.
Treasured memories abide deep within the soul, gratitude overtakes the pain of your loss.
Away and gone dust has returned to the ground, spirit is alive facing the compassionate King.
First until the last, days were incredibly short, little while longer until the reunion joyously begins.
Teri would say speak and be real, this time called life will end for every member of humanity.
So choose now this day the Master you will serve, not picking Jesus means Satan by default.
Final goodbye will never be the complete end, tell the cloud of witnesses that we live only for Him.

Matthew Reed

Copyright 2014 (c) Matthew @ WarriorBreed.net – all right reserved

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