Flow, grow, and know.

Adolfo’s Testimony – 10/19/14

I met Adolfo outside of the church this evening hobbling on one bad leg. His friend was helping him up the stairs. Stopping them, He agree to prayer when I asked, even with some oil. A few other people watched besides his friend “R.J.”. I applied some oil and prayed what was in my heart. His leg was getting hot to where he could feel it, and my hands were too, noticeable by both of us. So praying for the knee, calf and ankle, he noticed a big difference. I had to leave but caught up with him later. Adolfo said it was a lot better, so I pulled him to the side and prayed for %100 restoration. I had to quickly leave again (I was working at the church) but caught up with him downstairs where we feed the homeless and he said the leg was pain free and he could bend it. (He was very excited at this point and I had him tell another one of the Pastors there). The leg was like new, so I preached The Gospel to him, the good news of Jesus. He admitted to being Christian but was obviously struggling. As he was leaving the dinner a while later, I pulled him to the side one last time and prayed for his life and heart, what I felt like God was saying. He hugged me and left, a different man, one who God encountered. All glory to God the Father and Jesus His son!

One response

  1. Wayne

    This is what it is all about. Keep up the great work.

    October 20, 2014 at 5:24 am

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