Flow, grow, and know.

Out in the cold

Out in the cold, the wilderness is dauntingly barren, aggressive love is constantly pursuing me. Every day the place remains the same, inner atmosphere changes with every stride of feelings. Painting the day is one of absolute bliss, my frowns brings everything crashing to the ground. Comforting shouts are long and quite loud, the One who calls my name screams in the open space. The precious arena of my heart is where Your delight rests, inside out, I’m undone in Your presence. Unwilling to move unless you are in the lead, please be more real this day forth. Constant communication, You appear in the middle of it all, sit down near me, dwell, let’s embrace. Faster and faster, distractions are plenty, pause the noise within my soul. Just one look lasts a lifetime, Your kind actions replenish my strength. Rippling through the water of my spirit, the Cornerstone is the foundation I walk upon.

(c) 2014 Copyright, Matthew Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

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