Flow, grow, and know.

Expression of surrender

Pushing the air apart the flesh reaches its ceiling, expression of surrender is given gladly.
Dust once imprinted upon the hands falling off slowly, dawning hope is awaken by Your love.
Turning of attention to something new, excitement returns perceiving The Masters signature.
Bright revelation reveals what was plainly hidden, joy floods the surrounding circumstances.
Unending laughter bringing songs from the belly, simple touch, given smile, desire is restored.
Humming power flowing two way conduit, The Father sees the secret language of the heart.
Yearning to experience the realm of the spirit, desperation moves me for a heavenly glimpse.
Time that’s released only these few moments, seize the opportunities placed within your hand.
Praises of people changing the atmosphere, supreme bliss invades with every single note.
Glorious light slipping through the fingers, His presence dwells at the point of encounter.
Out of control the heart spirals with comfort, love essence expands throughout the body.
Positioning arms into a stance of a hug, invitation for God to embrace his labor of compassion.
Our individually is temporary lost within the squeeze, clinch of The King is like no other.
Jealous passion pauses the entire scene, unquenchable love encountering creative wonder.
God’s DNA has been assigned and implanted , a new name, a new position, a new beginning.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright 2014 (c) Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

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