Flow, grow, and know.

1000 times

As I was praying yesterday and today, this is what came out of my spirit. It’s desperation of a woman trapped in human-trafficking. Praying!…

1000 times

1000 times they hurt me then a 1000 more, I’m giving up my life now I don’t want anymore. I hear all the whispers, I hear rumors so faint, all the meaningless words fill me, clutter up my mind. I am completely detached from the horrors happening to me, terrible, terrible things shall never be spoken again. Sadness waits for my eyes to open in the morning, I bury all the surreal moments, my fight has been stripped and teared away. I forgotten what it means to smile, I don’t know how to even sing anymore. I’m scared to think things might get better or even believe I might become free. I realize I am precious to no one, I realize I do not even count, I only pray to hear my voice because no one ever seems to be listening. Many constantly come in my room, the lines are quite long, it never seems to end, it happens every day. When will this be over, I need it just to plainly end, I’m letting go of sanity, I’m ready for it to all stop at any cost.

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