Flow, grow, and know.

Next Steps

Unknown are the next steps which always seem to be eluding, Heavenly God holds us so close to His chest. So many choices present themselves everyday, less action is taken just to hear Your voice. Dreams and visions get revealed straight from Your beautiful heart, partaking of the Heavenly Kingdom is the greatest of honors. Effort is appropriate playing our role, toiling into burdens is crossing the line. Grace that’s been granted appearing a sphere of influence, mature us in the favor of our most Holy Father. The unseen trust to believe The Scriptures, inspire faith in the depths of my soul. Cloudy perception so many times in the natural realm, “what to do next” is the question that plagues our adult life. Children we are under The Master of it all, take steps of authentic love becoming more obsessed with Him. Falling into place with acts of compassion, God is bigger than our old mindsets. Bring into remembrance daily desire to grow, stir the hunger, stay child-like, laugh, and play.


Copyright 2014 (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved.

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