Flow, grow, and know.


Alone but never forgotten. The journey allotted is not for the weary of heart, The Master never allows His beloved children to be truly alone. The Spiritual realm is so much bigger than all the others, perception is often misleading and untrue. Outfitted in glorious garments of heaven, He equips us at the proper time, in due season. Looking over the shoulder seeing what lays behind, only a glance is allowed to make any significant progress ahead. Gripping tightly what’s already been given, circumstances have zero ability to change absolute truth. Pressing forward during the heaviest of storms, failure is impossible if our will never allows it. Exhausted to fall at the point of surrender, weak and weary, His strength is proven yet once again. Engage His greatness with the words of the mouth, reality of heaven awaits to invade this place. So go as far as our determined choice, invitation from Jesus is always the same.


Copyright 2014 (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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