Flow, grow, and know.


Words cannot tell things of the heart, perception was twisted right from the very start.
Truest friendship given by your nature, authentic like no other, ups and downs experienced over this year.
Covering the eyes veil to be removed, care that’s precious woven by your pure elegance.
Ways of the Father is really unique, great love for his children reproving, correcting, flooding the scene.
Blind choices made without Godly wisdom, tempted greatly by our own fleshly desires.
Trying to fill the inner needs with the natural, population of the planet do this everyday.
Vicious cycle determined by the wind, unattainable mountain removing all our strength.
Voice of the heavens presented a question, obedience will start with a single yes.
Days of surrender, days that are familiar, life changing adjustments for the purposes of the Kingdom.
Shifting the insides to function as ordained, this process hasn’t been quick, never easy.
Shattering the glass of my perception, golden glow hovering from the waist on up.
Pure Agape transpired over our journey, apart we were, your love remained the same.
Beauty mixed with grace in you are expressed, knowing this truth the rest of our days.
Questions and doubts were more than a few, fret not of the unknown future.
Stopping now for the complete reflection, holding all the oxygen, taking it all in.
Master God Jehovah, we are so grateful, your glory alone is my sole purpose.
Give me the honor to love you dearly, just please be near, forever in pursuit, furiously.

Matthew Reed

Copyright 2014 (c) Matthew A. Reed, Warrior Breed blog – all rights reserved

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