Flow, grow, and know.

Love them well

I wrote this for a daughter of a friend, today…. -M

Alive on the inside despite the great pain that’s been masked, you been looking for hope with such a grateful heart. Dearly beloved by heaven and all of its inhabitants, you belong to His legacy, to His grand family. A piece that’s been known but only by a mere sliver, He’s expanding this truth from this day forth. Countenance that’s shown is sometimes unfounded, the joy of the Lord flows from the inside out. Great love for jewels on the wrist, You are worth more than all jewels put together. Breath in the Holy Spirit in a brand new way, this day of days, everything changes. Overwhelming life is His great pleasure, dominated by love, seeing through His perspective. Remember you are fashioned a gift for others, desire that’s been placed in your heart, you are their advocate, love them well!

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2014 – Matthew A Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

One response

  1. Beautiful words from Spirit, thank you.

    December 5, 2014 at 8:34 am

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