Flow, grow, and know.

12/21/14 – 16th street mall testimonies:

We walked over to this group of homeless people sitting in the middle of the mall between the lanes were the buses shuttle people. I saw this one man’s eyes really bloodshot so I asked him if he wanted prayer and he said no. Then I turn to another lady (named Grace) she start talking about all the pain that she was in. She started talking about how one leg is longer than the other and she let me hold her legs with my hands and command for the left one to grow longer. Initially nothing happened but I just kept speaking and commanding in the left leg grew out about three quarters of a inch. All the pain in Grace’s knees, hips, and lower back left completely 100%. There were about four people who witnessed the healing. She felt so good that she went for a walk around the block. Then the man who originally said no to prayer heart was open and we were able to pray for him as well. Then Darius asked us to pray for his friend who had some kind of joint disease. After a few prayers she was 90% whole and only a small portion in her lower back was in pain. She was moving a lot better. We were all pretty excited and were able to proclaim the name of Jesus. In this small area the healings opened up ministry for a few more the people around. It was quite amazing. There were so many people that we prayed for today, God really revealed his goodness and Kingdom. So grateful Lord!


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