Flow, grow, and know.

Olive Garden

Being treated to dinner by a coworker, my peers in the ministry and I got in a discussion about healing. Quite an interesting topic when Pastors talk about healing. There is so much known about God’s will but also much unknown about the subject about healing…. So you could imagine all the in’s and out’s about our discussion. I just kept speaking about the goodness of God’s character and nature. There was many things said, but I made a statement saying “when a person has a visible injury …. That is a green light for prayer’. So (of course) our waiter had twisted his wrist really badly and it was bandage up. So I volunteered to pray for the man. I asked him for more bread to set the stage for him having to come back to the table 🙂 …. But I went to the bathroom. When I came back the bread was on the table and they all looked at me like the chance was missed. I called him back over and started ministering. He said the pain went from 8 to a 5 to feeling “really good”. I knew he was set free cause I could sense power entering in him, so I was going to have him check out his wrist more but We were at his place of work and didn’t embarrass him. God is soooooo willing to display his goodness everywhere we go! Take a risk and contend for healing. Don’t pay attention to reactions, pay attention to the compassion of God for people. Praise God!!


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