Flow, grow, and know.

10-17-15 Street Ministry Highlight

Today’s 16th street highlight:

After a team member departed, 3 of us were by 7-11 where we starting talking to a group of young adults. Chuck started telling us where he’s served 2 tours and had little metal in his body. They removed all of it and the lower intestines. He had a spine issue and was walking very weird, we could just see the pain in his face. We started praying, and after one prayer he felt different, after second he was feeling better. I sense God moving around his stomach area (maybe lower) so we spoke into that and prayed again. Chuck said ” I actually feel better”. I spoke to another man for a few, while Jarrod was still speaking to Chuck. I went back to Chuck and prayed again. He was feeling really good and we were telling him that Jesus was healing him and setting him free. I sensed that he was having issues with dreams (he was greatly) so we prayed again releasing heaven (he mentioned he hasn’t slept well in 2 weeks cause of dreams). He also told us about his issues with meth so I sensed that Jarrod should minister and at the end Chuck said “I feel like I have just woken up from a dream.” We prayed one last time and he admitted that he was 100% pain free. #praiseGod!

You are the Church!


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