Flow, grow, and know.

The opportunity

*Here is a writing I just put the finishing touches on today, I hope it blesses you! -M*

The opportunity is now while there still is oxygen, ability to change the day that has been granted. Keeping hope alive is task of vital importance; age, race, gender, none of this matters in The Kingdom. Why are we always trying to disqualify ourselves for heavenly purposes? We are on the same plateau with different revelations, His body is meant to work together and make connections. Standing alone, some are louder than others, we are all the most beloved He values the same. Life is different for many in this human race, be faithful with what is at hand, and prefer others better than ourselves. Love is performed, and love is paid for, such a fragment of what is truly known. Come on and stop, please don’t let go, in this Kingdom you must desire to grow daily. Change a heart, change a life, life-giving words from The Father above. 1000 is one and the one is 1000, human measurable’s are not what The Father uses. Many are suffering and we all are losing time, change your perspective which will affect and change your ultimate destiny. Accomplishing all our own goals can produce absolutely nothing, directed steps are far more effective. Listen, hush, be still and quiet, do not miss what The Father has for us.


Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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