Flow, grow, and know.

Journey of trials

Fiery streaks pushing to the surface, cracking the darkness, breaking the fear.
Exuberant power growing in strength, the eye cannot behold His glory in possibilities.
Pushing back enduring the force, heavenly course that nothing can cease.
Father of lights, the most passionate Being, He loves us dearly by sending The One.
Priceless gift was God the man, He will hold you during the hardest trial.
Embracing the arm protecting what matters, we are never truly alone.
Steam is released and the metal is burning, compassion will always endure.
Serene scene unfolding in the sky, attention is drawn to the invading peace.
Standing behind an unknown figure, turning around with a quick movement.
Journey of trials that constantly extinguishes many, an enemy is known, the defeated one.
Consistent untruths through our arena of thoughts, un-secretive origin, the pit of death.
Heavenly wisdom is released when pursued, our God points out clearly the direction.
Presence reigns in and overtakes, steward well the inner most heart atmosphere.
Electric force flows from the throne above, trust His provision in the moment of need.
Don’t allow days fall by the thousands, challenge our mountains knowing the answer.
Stir up now for the cause of The Master, the joy of the King is ours to unleash.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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