Flow, grow, and know.

“I’ve raised my hand”

Piercing the air, boldness on display, my God, my Lord, I stand for you alone.
Pushed up in the sky all eyes gazing upon, hand gesture makes our stand a clear signal to be judged.
Standing in front of all the masses, people’s pressure pressing our shoulders.
Thousands of thousands everyone wants to change us, alone I am with God under the stars.
Commanding a life that is rare and challenged, leading a family, people and nation.
Multitudes surround for the great cause ahead, soldiers that’s related through holy blood.
Shouts arise from this generation’s mouth, movement side by side together in one accord.
Battlecries of vengeance for those who were stolen, laying down selfish living is our sacrifice.
Vindication is reserved for The Masters hand, rest in the midst in our weakest moments.
Contend in the great fight with all that is given, strengthen in faith, embrace The Spirit.
Breath deeply and realize the cost of others, evaluate the scene, holy fire burns deeply.
Leadership is needed who shall stand in this hour, demonic lies hinders Godly destines.
Strategic placement throughout the planet, together we are one, slumber that’s fallen us shall cease. Steward true hope in the inner most places, peace reigns out the times of understanding.
Return our life that was so costly given, Heavens expansion is of the upmost importance.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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