Flow, grow, and know.

2/7/15 – Street Ministry highlights

Michael – Michael was limping on his ankle and the compassion of God stirred in me. So after he agreed to prayer for his achilles tendon and ankle, he started to walk 100% normal. So this opened the door for more conversation and he shared about the pain of the tragic loss of his wife and 6 month old daughter when he was 21. We were honored when he shared this with us, and prayed for him again for God to remove all the pain. You see he loves God but was confused by all the suffering that he’s been through….but we had seen God do a mighty work and at the end, Michael prayed for us! Praise God!

Chris Reynolds – We were walking up 16th street mall and we notice a man playing Jazz music with a few people around him. I notice this man who had 2 arm sleeves of tattoos. So we crossed the street and started talking to this sweet man. I mention how I felt that He had an injury on the back of his head and was in severe pain from it. He confirmed that it was true and that he had a “grandma seizure” that caused a car accident and on the back of his head is where he had a lot of trauma. Then Chris looked straight up to the heavens saying “what are you doing?” So we prayed for him and he bent over in a very humble stance. We prayed against the pain and seizures and afterwards in was in tears. We said Jesus was healing him and spoke identity and value into him. It was quite an encounter! Praise God!

Love, -M

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