Flow, grow, and know.

Push through

Opposition is pressing, here is the line, the boundary has been set, you shall go no further.
Great barrier, unmovable force,
taking in the scene, exhaling the breath.
Feeling the surface with all it’s strength, intimidating force, bigger than the realm of my perception.
Hopelessness is the substance of its woven essence, fear fuels the flame of my enemy.
A lie is a truth that has been slightly altered, reality or not, found in my belief system.
Knowledge is the plan for all of God’s children, value all the seconds that you have been granted.
In the battles fury we have all been wounded, choose whether this affects us for a moment or a lifetime.
All have been hurt and the multitudes broken, release the pain and carry the scars from this day forth.
Choice is presented in the surrounding circumstances, never stop your God given quest.
Beauty that’s found in the pile of rubble, discover the gems inside the bodies of dust.
Squeeze a moment and lose a lifetime, regret isn’t worth the punishment that it carries.
It’s never truly over unless we let go, influence the ones around you.
Existence surrendered to a loving King, never put out the embers of dreams.

-Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved.

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