Flow, grow, and know.

Standing upon

Standing upon”

Standing upon the mountain that You’ve placed me, the strings of my heart play the melody that You sing. In one accord we are all in awe of Your majesty, please flood the earth with Your glory that we seek. More of you is wanted, more of you is always desired, You have ruined me Lord, all I yearn for is more. Arm across the back like a dear ole friend, I feel you hugging me Lord, every single night. The holiness of Your name changes all matters, all things are possible for You, my Lord. Break down all the barriers of limitations within my soul, lets walk hand in hand these numbered days. The future is now and the past slips away, we realize now that it’s always has been about You. Light the fire to burn oh so deeply, catch me on fire so I can set more ablaze. Calling out one in the midst of the 99, let us all take in the hope that is being released. Power to be displayed, the glorious gospel, wreck us all Lord with your aggressive love. Trusting you Lord, especially when there is nothing else, you always cause me to grow and mature. Peace, remain silent, all flesh be still, please take the lead of this day, that is my will. 

Night of Worship
Bethel Church

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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