Flow, grow, and know.

Open the door

Open the door that’s right in front, sometimes a step is all that is ever asked of you. Wall of fear that’s tall and planted for so many years, set your attention upon the throne of love. Open hand receiving a golden scepter, a voice for His majesty this day forth. Illuminated heavenly path through this darkened planet, souls in desperate need at every single corner. Veil that hinders truth for the masses, always remember to love, love, love. Push open the door without all the answers, your King is calling you to come up higher. Cannot lose in the race of humanity, be near, be close, hear from His heart. Heaven’s radiate fire out of the flesh, consume my thoughts, emotions and desires. Flaming sword of the Spirit, given to win absolute victory. Is it over before its ever begun, God’s timetable is so much different. Godly visitation, everyone wants a few, intimacy is what The Father desires. Raise up your hand in the middle of the struggle, The Father raises His when we decide to raise ours. Hope aligned in the secret of places, God’s goodness is overwhelming my being. Take a knee and bow closely to the floor, The King of Glory is here and reigns forever. 

-M, 3/2/15

BSSM 1st year Worship Set

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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