Flow, grow, and know.

Through this pen

The passion of my heart is poured through this pen, please Lord let us start over yet once again. Your ability is freely given without my toil, Lord show us how to be completely loyal. The trust in God replays over and over again, develop my virtue to gain your trust. The endless stare plainly on their faces, everyone posses unanswered questions. One bad decision cause lots of damage, but submission teaches the depths of surrender. Your heart song smooths my chaos, you always streamline the rhythms of me. Against the barriers until I break, you shall never be taken lightly. Heavenly passion burns deep, bright, and complete; your desires invigorates the vision to push forward. Know this now Lord, you are the driving force, allow me to speak upon your behalf. The world doesn’t know that they are in waiting, increase our ability to be perfectly in tune. Your life is given so that mine cannot be stolen, let’s meet in this place, here in this moment.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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