Flow, grow, and know.

“Picking up the drops”

Pouring into my chest, the presence of heaven, Your Spirit leads, guides and takes me by the hand. The passing seconds reveal whats truly manifested, holy fire hovers over my flesh. Your arms wrap around me despite all fleeting attention, my being has been loved so well since the day of conception. The desirous heart wills to sit near Your throne, always sweet Lord show me the way home. Hand thrusted up awaiting for Your response, come now and please don’t let the time pass. You are the center God in everything that encompasses me, the object of obsession forever is You. Affection is given by kisses from heaven, I’m vulnerable to the core so there’s no need to ever knock, Lord. The time of my vapor is gladly spent on you Father, just please come into my dwelling quickly. Picking up the drops of tears flowing from my eyes, unseen God will never leave me alone. Pain that is endured in this disposition of days, deliverance is unneeded if we do this together. Wounds of life covers my skin so openly, others covers them from head to toe. I’m codependent upon Your utter strength, all I have to give is a cry of help.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015 – Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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