Flow, grow, and know.

James, the hurting

Cursing at the heavens with painful roars, anger embedded throughout his entire soul.
Reaching to believe searching for answers, the cares of this life struck too deeply.
Wide open are the screams of his mouth, agony tells the tale of toucher.
Flesh of my flesh you are forever lost, lies upon lies surround me tightly.
Climbing the vertical wall impossible path, strength of my bones fails so quickly.
Painful memories haunt the days, life came crumbing down in one moment.
Ability to live is no longer wanted, I beg for the end what’s next must be better.
The reservoir of years the tears have dried up, the coffin is my goal and I’m achieve it.
Does a life have less value because of the struggle, God’s love expression will never change.
Son you are because you love Me, what is the future that you choose to write.
I honor you beloved through the very end, pain limits, kills, and destroys upon this planet.
“I Am” that stands within all your seconds, His love is forever unwavering.
A mere glimmer is now the experience indeed, you will be embraced throughout the Millennia.
The image perceived through the eye of compassion, you are My beautiful child, simply amazing.
Faithfulness of God is completely uncontested, this will be known by everyone in the end.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015 Matthew A. Reed – all rights are reserved

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