Flow, grow, and know.

Kris testimony – 16th Street

This past weekend at the 16th street mall, I was standing next to Jason (a fellow street minister), as he was speaking to some homeless people. I look at a man in the background and heard the Lord point out his knees. I approached Kris and told him what I heard. He said “ How did you know that?”. I began to share the Gospel message. The initial prayer was early in the conversation but what was amazing was the next 30 min journey of Kris’s life and struggle. Usually we get so blessed when people let us pray, but Kris was bold and God touched and soften his heart and he let us into his life. He shared what physical issues he has and the emotional and relational. He spoke of his natural kids and step children as well. Kris mentioned a heart of reconciliation that he desired and restoration in so many areas of his life. After a journey of prayer (about 3-4) he asked me to baptize him again. What an honor! 24 hours later, he called me on his Obama phone and let me know that he was 95% pain free, especially his right knee! Please pray for Kris as he’s asking for housing and ready to begin God’s path of healing for him!


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