Flow, grow, and know.

Thursday – May 21st, 2015

Quite a day this one was for The Kingdom! It started in the morning at a Christian gathering (kinda like a Bible study but not really), there was a man named Jim there who lost his wife to cancer, and his daughter had a peanut allergy. During the time others where speaking truth to him, The Father showed me what’s going on in his body. After I told him the 3 words of knowledges…. He let us pray for him. After Jim, I walked over to my friend Anthony and touched his chest……He started laughing and so did I. Later Anthony told me that The Lord met and spoke to him what he exactly what he needed to hear. Took opportunity to minister a little more and basically left. Never found out what happened to Jim overall but excited to hear in the coming days ahead.

So…… That evening I was invited to a small group to share passion for ministry, some street testimonies, and ended up ministering to the group. Felt like the Lord said “the physical insight that I showed you this morning in Jim is what members of this small group is dealing with also…..” So I told the group what The Lord said and asked if any had shoulder problems, two raised their hands. Asked about lower backs and two raised their hands. Asked about knee and one raised his hand. PRAISE JESUS!! So we all prayed together and one shoulder got 95% better and one back a lot looser and the rest got completely healed!! Jesus is amazing! Praise, honor, and glory to you God!


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