Flow, grow, and know.


Most precious strings of the heart, completely torn away, seconds following the next.
Embraced with vigor, great affection carried about, loses substance right before sight.
Gripping it completely, palm of the hand, disintegrates without our choice or control.
Pieces peeling more in abundance, flesh melts away, the shock is uncontainable.
Tears stream down the face, gasping for air, hitting the ground, unwilling to speak.
Plunging into the earth making dents, entirely sprawled out, strength isn’t an option.
Grand arrival at the destination of desperation, life actions intersecting at this collision.
Inner strength poured out over this matter, gushing drain that’s removed my depth.
Ferocious storms bombard our lifespan, one comes to a close more on the horizon.
Tiredness, weariness, hopelessness, exhaustion sets in, absolute attention is needed.
Loss so great with the forbidden fruit disobedience, redemption was always the plan.
Away with what’s been transpired, pure love expands throughout every avenue of time.
Precious people are lost every day anew, hold fond memories in our heart center.
Profuse compassion for all the nations, not one child was ever meant to be separated.
Jehovah is the only true living God, the expansion of Him will never be measured.


Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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