Flow, grow, and know.

6/20/15 – Street Ministry

Had so many amazing encounters yesterday on the mall. The team of three went out to share the love of God and pray for people. One gentleman we saw holding a sign. We engaged him in conversation and he said that his wife just left him, they were doing a lot of Xanax, and he showed me all the blisters on his feet from walking around looking for her. During prayer (he bent over in a very humble position) the presence of God was strong and afterwards I had notice that his countenance had change. Another gentleman was walking around without a shirt with a friend. We approached him and I told him that his left shoulder was in pain….. He mentioned that he had previously broke it (he’s some kind of MMA fighter) so after a few prayers in the name of Jesus…. He was completely out of pain! I had even more room to speak into his life which was amazing! They were shocked and tasted the goodness of God that day. Another gentleman was walking with a friend. They were flying gay pride colors (it was gay pride day in Denver) and the Lord showed me the issues in his neck (it’s the goodness of God that leads all to repentance), so I told him what I felt and he mentioned that he was a mechanic and does have issues…. I went on to say that he even had pain down to his ankle and he said yes. So we prayed and he felt better and we had a cool encounter. These were just a few highlights of the day, we actually prayed and encounter so many people. Praise Jesus!!


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