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is God real? – testimony

Working for the event company the other day we were building some serious temporary floor and during the lunch period the crew started talking about if God was real.

One of the Foremen from AZ said “I don’t know if it’s Muhammed, Buddha, or Jesus but someone is up there, that someone was real”. So this peaked my interest and I asked him what was wrong with his shoulder. He said nothing but the crew member next to me said “my left shoulder pops out all the time. In fact if I don’t watch it at night I can roll over on it have it pop out and not sleep.”

At that moment everyone went back to work but I followed this man and asked if I can pray…. He said “of course, I’m Catholic”. After a 10 second prayer the man was instantly completely healed. He checked it out and the look on his face was different, so I prayed again and days afterwards the pain has never returned and hasn’t popped out at all. I affirmed Jesus love for the man a few times and walked away.

I walked directly over to the Foreman and said Jesus just healed that man’s shoulder, He is real. Go ahead and ask the crew member and he will tell you. Then I returned to work.

Jesus is God and He is OH SO REAL!

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