Flow, grow, and know.

8-30-15 testimony

While the church was feeding people downstairs I ran into this man who appear to be homeless. He was a real big man and started to tell me what parts of the sermon that he appreciated. Then elaborate about what God has been doing his life through the Body of Christ. While he was speaking I could sense the Holy Spirit moving in his heart and his body. He was recounting all the ways that God have been softening him and after he was finished speaking I told him what I sensed the Lord was doing. He admitted that he did feel the peace in his heart and a lot lighter. Then in his knee where he has been having major pain, I told him that it was his right knee and that the Lord just took away all the pain. He moved it up and down about three four times and was grateful for what the Lord has done. Apparently it kinda freaked him out because he left right after he knew the pain was gone and question how long it would last. But it’s totally and completely healed, Praise God!

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