Flow, grow, and know.


Circling around this place I call now, the thickness of your embrace is looming. Leaves fall upon the dirty road perfectly, all sounds have silenced, familiar peace. Your signature manifests grabbing my heart, lighting gold forms your body. Fellowshipping with words continue conversation, your shared words are the same in my depth. Shame is a name I carry no more, the power is stripped by your throne, alone. High and above glory upon glory, your fire overpowers all existing sin. Your way, your ways, your foolishness is what I seek through earnest prayer. Communication of two, communication between me and you, I’ll disregard time for only one word. Overwhelming is your love that pierces right through me, wave after wave you conquer me. Circling around the journey called life, implanting your love within my experience.

-Matthew Alexander Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew Alexander Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

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