Flow, grow, and know.

‘These are the words’

These are the words of The One who loves you! The One who knows and formed you. Why do you look left and right? Keep going forward on the path I have placed before your feet. Hear the sound of what The Spirits is saying, you will never find fulfillment outside of intimacy with me. Why do you run? Why is your hand slack before me? Have you not been assigned with a task and duty? Do not do things the ways others do, are you not uniquely made? Follow my leading and touch the world around you. Understanding is not required in obedience. When you call to me I AM there. I AM all around. My eyes are constantly upon you. Be strengthened and encouraged now in this moment. I AM with you in all the ways you go. Go now and freely give what has been given. The Lord is One, The Lord is God.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

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