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Two cool highlights from today’s ‘Street ministry’

Two highlights for me on the 16th street mall during Street Ministry.

This man walked pasted us and I saw something in his shoulder. Later, I ran up to him and got a chance to have a conversation. I told Cody what was seen and he mentioned that it was the other shoulder that was dislocated in a fight when he was trying to protect someone. He allow me to pray two different times for his shoulder (which was healed!) and the Lord showed me something in his heart. I spoke about the great pain I saw and Cody mentioned the situation with his girlfriend. After another time of prayer he was happy with the feeling of peace in his heart and healing in the shoulder. So we talked about the love of God. Cody mentioned that he believes in all religions but I spoke specifically about the love of Jesus and how much Jesus cared for Him. Didn’t get a chance to lead him to The Father in that moment but I believe that God is working in his life. Please pray for Cody this week and that the Lord would keep revealing his goodness to Cody, Romans 2:4.

Later in the day a team member and I were walking to a homeless man. On the way I sensed pain in the stomach of what I thought to be a woman in this family. So I went back and said something to her, but she said it wasn’t her but her son who had pain in his stomach and issues with his bowels. So I asked the Father to put his had on Lucian and I placed mine on the Father and we prayed. The short encounter was over but God’s name be glorifed. What an honor it was to pray for this little boy name Lucian.

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  1. Praying for Cody and Lucian!

    February 21, 2016 at 4:38 pm

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