Flow, grow, and know.

‘For Ben’

Reverence is not a word you use lightly,
holiness of God consumes your soul.
Journey that’s given, journey you been liven,
encounter the greatness of God in little ways.
Royal priesthood, you honor God so deeply,
your awe for God impacts His heart, daily.
Jumping right in is your true nature,
ways of heaven to you are priceless.
Hope is the essence of our faith,
see plainly the possibilities in others.
Measure the value with in each person,
your constant gaze discovering their treasures.
Mask over your face you do wear well,
transparency is your gift not to be hidden.
Flame within your eyes a passionate zeal,
the burdens of life extinguishes nothing.
Day upon days within your prayer closet,
time stands still when your with The Father.
Other’s falling is not your failure,
be encouraged this day, He embraces you tightly.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright 2016 – Matthew A. Reed at warriorbreed.net

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