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Highlight for Street Ministry 3-19-16

Street Ministry highlight 3-19-16

(I’m changing the names to protect theses young men). Walking back praying for someone who was holding a sign I was trying to get back to the team. I saw two teens pulling some luggage and in that moment (in my heart) I saw something in one young man’s knees. So approaching them I asked about what was wrong with his knees. Stan replied ‘I was born like this, I was born with major pain in both knees’. I asked if I could pray and they were both stunned so they agreed. After a couple prayers Stan said ‘They do feel better’ was stretching his knees and both were open to everything I had to say. Eric (the other young man) starting sharing some and I saw so much pain surrounding him. Calling that fact out he nodded and said that he had been homeless since age 7. Eric briefly shared about his traumatic past, but more shared about what they were doing to survive on the streets. Eric let me pray for him as well and he felt the peace of God enter into him. So the conversation turned to purpose and why we were alive. So I got the privilege to share the gospel of God’s love with Stan and Eric for about ten minutes and at the end, they let me pray for them together, again! It was quite an encounter that got their attention. The Lord softened their heart greatly that day and I’m convinced that they will give their lives to God soon. Praise God!


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