Flow, grow, and know.

‘Breathing hard’

Blood rushing to my head, teeth clinched tightly, guarding all, stand by. Space between you and them, something must change, this is finished. Your behavior is not permitted any longer, you are caught up between a father and his daughter. Hearing the seconds taking there time, no more control, your grip is untangled. Not allowed, there is no choice, too much has happened, leave the premises, don’t show your face. Anticipation is building up, the time has come, there is nothing consider, it’s all over. Feeling the stairs’ hardness, we shall not move until given permission. Not judging for what’s taken place, I am here by loyalties’ decree. Let this end it’s all quite uncomfortable, not moving a muscle until hearts reveal true intentions.


Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew A. Reed – warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

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