Flow, grow, and know.

During days

Measurement of time released in human care,
regrettable choices made will echo no more.
Consuming fire removing self centered actions,
what will stand and fall all shall in the open.
Dress rehearsals are never allowed during days,
the great war for souls rages onward.
Flowing up from the flesh of our palms,
particles of heaven manifested beautifully.
The hope called light embedded deep within,
we are formed and fashioned for this period.
Touch the darkness surrounding all about,
more stand with us here, do not fear.
Growth appears throughout unseen chambers,
embracing Him will determine the course.
Great suffering once endured at a great cost,
The Way is shown for others to obtain.
False images reflect back from the mirrors,
mercy perception is abundantly clear.
The cheers of heaven have set our stage,
courage comes from revelation of truth.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved.

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