Flow, grow, and know.

work of Your hands

Tears that were cried have no memories, bringing this to pass is the work of Your hands alone. What is seen from limited human perspective, let me resist the fear of this planet. Your ways are a mystery and mostly hidden, let me tap into the revelation of heaven. Fragile of fragile can be the newness of faith, strength is found within the ones who are dependent on you. The planet is loud, dark, and full of pain, please let her walk in the heart of you Father. Seeing the value within others, everyone matters, everyone is worth our time. Existing in the expanse of you, let my days never be about me anymore. Reach out through my clay to touch the ones who cannot perceive, everything can and will change within this permissible moment. Greatness of great You cannot be measured Lord, I’m not looking for just religious banter. Let’s walk together in the holies of holies, I want to be everywhere that you are Master. Nothing will satisfy me unlike Your touch Master, I am determined to be closer to You!

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

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