Flow, grow, and know.

Meet Johnny

Meet Johnny: So I umm…. chased Johnny down after he limped past me on the streets. Asking Johnny why he was limping he said that both of his knee’s are ‘shot’ and that he needs for both of them to be replaced. I started to share with Johnny the love of God and Johnny cut me off and said that The Lord healed him of lung cancer in 2000 and that Johnny knows and believes in the love of God. So Johnny agreed to prayer and felt a little better. He was gracious and let me pray again and I asked Johnny to walk….so he did and said it felt better but not much change. We said goodbye and as Johnny walked away he stopped, turned, and yelled at me that he was pain-free! Johnny was shocked, especially since he had no knee-caps and thus he let me pray that God would give him new knee-caps. Praise God!

Two more testimonies at Matthewdenver.com – ‘under testimonies’ tab.


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