Flow, grow, and know.

Meet Carlos

Meet Carlos: This S.M. day was different because their was a “sweep” of the homeless a few days before. So a ‘hotspot’ that we go to share the Gospel and pray for the homeless was basically empty… but we had the pleasure to meet Carlos. After giving Carlos a coat which sparked conversation… the Lord showed me the pain in his feet. After asking Carlos if this were true, he told me the story. Carlos was riding on a bike one day and was hit by a car. It severely broke his body and he had to have many surgeries just to be ‘normal’ again. So we prayed for his feet about 3 times and Carlos was experiencing more relief with each prayer. After the last time we prayed I asked him how his feet were and Carlos said “I can now return to work”. Praise God! Carlos shared his faith in Christ with us and we were celebrating, giving all the glory to God!

Please pray for the Lord to open up an door for an opportunity for gainful employment for Carlos. Many blessings and thanks for praying!!!



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