Flow, grow, and know.

Pastoral perspective – be ye transformed

… be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

In the Kingdom of God we (His children) do not mature with the simple passing of time like what happens in life, the natural realm. Actually (if possible) we could choose to do absolutely nothing with our days and time would still pass on and we will age accordingly. Again please let me say again because it is important to know that we (children of the Living God) do not grow or mature in the truths of Scripture with the same natural method of time passing… we have to make a choice.

Unfortunately there are plenty of Christians who have been saved for years and decades but that doesn’t mean that they are mature Christians. No, the Bible says that we need to be transformed (mature in Christ) by renewing our minds (to the truth of God’s word). So we choose to read the scripture in the Bible and think on, meditate, and imagine His truths to begin the process of growth.

Let us think about it this way, we send our children to school and they do not sit there and do nothing (God willing), they are taught and feed information day in and day out to the point where the information fills their brains and eventually we see change. It’s a similar process with The Lord except the addition I would add is that when we ponder scripture we do it from a prayerfully attitude believing God to reveal His truths of the Bible.

God loves the world and everyone in the world and if all that was to ever happen was for people to get give their lives to God and get born-again, God would accept that person regardless of how much time they spend in the Bible or not, however they were able to get born-again because some how someway they heard the truth that comes from the Bible and truth was applied and changed happened.

The Lord never intended for us to live a self-centered Christian life. Sadly there are major problems in His Body. The divorce rate among Christian Families is at an extreme high rate, many Christians are live in the depths of depression, and others see no hope in there lives and this is to name a few…

Now please do not misunderstand, I’m not saying that we (His children) won’t ever have problems or issues (the Bible says we will go through persecution) though it is crucial to know truth of Scripture and apply it to our lives by renewing our minds.

God desires and wants us to mature in Him like we would for our children to see them become a fully-grown functioning adult that is productive and is intentional with their God given life for His Kingdom and His glory.

So, be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds and grow in God today.

Matthew A. Reed
Open Door Fellowship – Denver
Praise Fellowship Church – Ransom

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