Flow, grow, and know.

Pastoral perspective – “Fool!”

But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul will be required of you;…

This parable (Luke 16:12-21) is about a rich man who stores up so much of his goods thinking that he will find security and a comfortable future by what was stored up for himself by the fruit of that labor.

Life (without God) has a way of teaching us that we need to be consumed and use all our focus and strength to achieve all that we can so that we will have more and bigger and better things. (Without God) It is an exhausting process and one that will never find us true satisfaction or fulfillment. 

Let’s say that a person didn’t care about how much money they had but rather their happiness and dependance were on their spouse or children. They were so focused with that codependent relationship that it’s where they find security and purpose. What were to happen if that spouse or child were to leave and never come back… that individual would be forever ruined because they felt rejection and great loss.

Please hear me that I’m not against having nice things, providing for our families, succeeding in life, and especially not against families. The point that I’m trying to make is that as children of God we need the proper viewpoint and perspective of life and what is important and not important.

You remember the story of Job right? Remember that in the Bible when Job was going through all his hard times and questioning God about all the difficulties and troubles…God’s responded in Job 38 saying words to the effect of where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth, etc.

Listen and know the facts that we did not choose when we were born, where we were born, our race, our natural family, our gender, our physical appearance, etc. However there is One who did make the choices. God made all of them and it’s so important for us to understand our lives isn’t about only us.

I pray that we will realize this truth and we will prioritize our relationship and pursuit of God first and foremost. When that happens He will become more precious than everything and when we live out of that posture and become a blessing to our careers, our families, etc. and not trying to find purpose, needing the approval, etc. from all of that but rather live For His glory and let God flow through us unto all situations and areas of life. That’s Christianity.

We are here on this earth not to be self-centered but God-centered. To accept Truth and make Him Lord and Savior by asking Him to forgive our sins and confess/believe that He rose from the dead (Romans 10:9-13). To seek God daily asking Him to make us useable for His Kingdom.

Matthew A. Reed
Open Door Fellowship – Denver
Praise Fellowship – Ransom

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