Flow, grow, and know.

Meet Jessica & Jorge

Meet Jessica & Jorge (they are both in the red): In attempt to encourage this ODM summer intern team, one started a conversation with these two. Honestly Jessica shot us down which is totally understandable but I started talking to Jorge. We talked about the pain in his back and he let me pray and there was  relief right away. The Lord showed me issues with his neck and Jorge let us pray again. He was feeling really free and humbled. So I started talking about God and invited Jorge to accept Jesus. He agreed and prayed the sinner prayer!!! Jessica was also humbled and started talking about God. Seeing the tattoos on her neck I God showed me that it was about her mother. Jessica explained that it was for her and she had an estranged relationship with her parents. Jessica was crying and let an intern pray for their reconciliation. Jessica also shared that two close friends just killed themselves in the last three weeks. An intern knew one of the kids and I started preaching about how God wasn’t to blame and it was the devil who steals, kills, and destroys. She was humbled by truth and was still crying, praise God. Last thing I heard in my heart was how long Jessica was praying for Jorge and I encouraged Jessica about how God hears it when she prays, that He cares about her and what she prays about in life. We finally exchanged info and invited them to church and our community. All the glory be to God!!! – M 5/25/17


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