Flow, grow, and know.

Motionless effort

Motionless effort has been my days, my biggest fear is wasting the opportunity. Days that are ordained, not by my choosing, Your rest has been quite elusive. Action covered lies, all by my doing, my hands and arms are completely covered. Pushing towards righteousness, I begin to fall, the meaning of it all grows more dimly. Screaming from the pit of my own devices, drawing there-of is a matter of time. Self centered living is the beginning of distraction, who is The One Who started me? Slipping down deeper in my own mess, complete vulnerable honesty, I want all of You, or nothing at all. Show me life that matters, shake me, break me, whatever it takes Lord. Counting down my breaths is taking longer than I expected, the fantasy of life has been completely shattered. What matters, matters not if it isn’t about You, You God are the center force of all life. Please let your mercy continue for another day, reveal God’s goodness in to the inhabitants of the earth. One more thing to say, You or my Lord, God, master of it all!

M.A. Reed


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