Flow, grow, and know.

Free writings

Come here

Come, come here, come here to Me
I reach forth, shall you respond
I reach forth My hand that is unhindered
Come now, come here my dear, come here to Me
Let it, let it all go, do not be in the know
Just be here, be very near
Come here, come here My dear
So much I want to show, so much to grow
Do not hold yourself back, back any longer
Stop it and quit, turn and walk away
Fear is not allow within The Royal Kingdom
I AM with you, I’ve always have been
Always, always know, that I do not let you go


Copyright 2017 @ Matthew – warriorbreed.net

Sound reigning

Sound reigning through the great auditorium
One clap, same noise, we are together
Pressing our hands together for You
The masses are engulfed by the rhythms heaven
Holy Name that shatters all grips of death
You will be glorified no matter what today’s lie is spoken
Pain that is unbearable brings me to my knees
You are always there for me, high or low

M.A. Reed

Copyright, all rights reserved

Will never

Reaching forward to what He places forth
Never stop while being in this flesh
High calling comes from Him alone
The depths of God cannot be exhausted
This moment will never come again
What memory will be formed by our conduct
Listen, be near, the time is coming
God’s glory reigns forevermore


Matter of perception

Ability to see is not a matter of perception
The veil is over many of hearts
Melody arises from deep within
Breaking forth now out of every pore
Greatest of shows, You and I are finally alone
You usher me to pure silence
Exhaling all oxygen out of the lungs
Planting my forehead down on the hard surface
Worshiping You has constantly grasped my attention
I choose to embrace You no matter the circumstances
Burning fire emanates out of my body, heavenly touch
Choose now to set the gaze upon You, Master

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed

‘Right question’

Am I not asking the right question?
I keep seeking everything else.
I constantly rebuild my own throne.
I entertain self while breaths are counted.
The bodies piled up around have spoken.
Unspeakable mourning, loss of life pauses mine.
Glaring stares, I cannot see their faces.
Disturbing is the passivity of my response.
Limitations I have assigned before others speak.
I’ve turned left and right while You wait.
Urgency of purpose for the great cause.
Let not my diversions derail Your given high calling.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) – all rights reserved


‘Towards your Throne’

‘Towards your throne’

Expressing affection towards Your throne,
Holy Spirit is amplified with in my body.
Surrounding me with pure manifestations,
Passionate fire kindled by Your holiness.
Bowing down, less of me and more of You,
Awe rattles the bone formed inside of me.
Constant attention of self breaking apart,
Forgive me for being completely consumed.
Humility is needed in these moments,
Let me never forget who is God, who is King.
Loud cries reign out through our lands,
Raise us up for Your mission at hand.
Trusting You through still silence,
Let us see what the darkness cannot.
Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) by Matthew A. Reed
All rights reserved.

work of Your hands

Tears that were cried have no memories, bringing this to pass is the work of Your hands alone. What is seen from limited human perspective, let me resist the fear of this planet. Your ways are a mystery and mostly hidden, let me tap into the revelation of heaven. Fragile of fragile can be the newness of faith, strength is found within the ones who are dependent on you. The planet is loud, dark, and full of pain, please let her walk in the heart of you Father. Seeing the value within others, everyone matters, everyone is worth our time. Existing in the expanse of you, let my days never be about me anymore. Reach out through my clay to touch the ones who cannot perceive, everything can and will change within this permissible moment. Greatness of great You cannot be measured Lord, I’m not looking for just religious banter. Let’s walk together in the holies of holies, I want to be everywhere that you are Master. Nothing will satisfy me unlike Your touch Master, I am determined to be closer to You!

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved