Flow, grow, and know.

Free writings

All seem similar

Day after day, all seem similar
These are the moments we are made for
Intimacy and revelation is where I cling
You release life in every situation
Surrendering our plans is never easy
Your light shines through the planet
Awaken me Lord to the task at hand
Never let me believe in my own strength
You  reward those who are passionate about You
Show me the deception that is lurking around
Enemies are not the one’s who have flesh
Teach me to treat others the way you do
Your humbling words settle me down
Let all obstacles fall according to Your truth

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved
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Not be

Unfamiliar land amongst the mass of many,
Truth of my being remains the same.
Counting the cost, so many are lost,
Deceptions runs ramped in our neighborhoods.
Desperations cry that runs viciously through our soul,
Draw near to me Lord, I’m running after you.
Reaching out just to touch your holy feet,
Your child of love needs to rest in you.
Pouring out heaven upon this planet,
I’m smothered by your all consuming glory.
Whatever matters most, all seems to be vain,
Let the moments of days not be about self.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed via Warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved.

‘More than the noise’

Dancing when sounds are not filling the air, before you God an audience of one. Passion filled moves fuel my soul tonight, you alone God I stand, accountable days. Twirling around crashing into everything unhidden, you never let me dance alone anymore. Stop now and let silence be more than the noise, The Father is looking unto us. Beating through all flashing lights, your heart is the rhythm of my life. Sacrificing my daily because of your epic life, the title-wave of heaven flows out of human vessels.

Matthew A. Reed

Written during the ‘Hillsong’ concert at the Pepsi Center.

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed writer of warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved.

‘As you’

Darkness is dispelled as you walk into the room,
The God-King Jesus quickens mankind spirit.
Shouts are louder now for righteousness to reign,
Creations cry is echoed by the yearning in our soul.
Enough is enough the time has come to finish this,
Impact the world with God’s great compassion.
‘Greater is He’, does this truth rule our faith life,
They are all waiting for heaven’s revelation in you.
Dare we not reach out with what’s been freely given,
Greater value found in others than the cost of risk.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed
warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

Jesus lover

a free writing

Through the doors burning with desire, love for you Lord sustains my soul.
Breaking through all my fortified walls, you pursue me fiercely with absolute intent.
Cries reign out for all to pay attention, you change the atmosphere, you are what matters most. Fiery waves gets unsettled by your touches, rainbows built of fire fill up the evening spaces.
You illuminate every piece of me, you encounter me in the darkest of places.
Riding forth just to meet, awe fills my eyes as you draw nearer.
Jumping down while opening your hand, I quickly fall to the ground underneath me.
Raising me up to meet face to face, the eyes of purity changes my soul.
Invitation to ride with you all of my days, peace is found within your care.
My Savior who is forever generous, true joy fill the remainder of my days.

Matthew A. Reed
Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed
warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

‘Breathing hard’

Blood rushing to my head, teeth clinched tightly, guarding all, stand by. Space between you and them, something must change, this is finished. Your behavior is not permitted any longer, you are caught up between a father and his daughter. Hearing the seconds taking there time, no more control, your grip is untangled. Not allowed, there is no choice, too much has happened, leave the premises, don’t show your face. Anticipation is building up, the time has come, there is nothing consider, it’s all over. Feeling the stairs’ hardness, we shall not move until given permission. Not judging for what’s taken place, I am here by loyalties’ decree. Let this end it’s all quite uncomfortable, not moving a muscle until hearts reveal true intentions.


Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew A. Reed – warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

‘Absolute affection’

Fixed position pointing to the heavens,
the glory of God pierces through.
Taking a moment, inhaling all that’s transpiring,
the God King of heaven has changed me.
Healing the broken mending all wounds,
Jehovah shows up and nothing is ever the same.
Unspoken cries of all the nations,
God has deep compassion for all the lost.
A word is released and one more,
truth breaks down all demonic lines.
Pay attention to what is regarded,
we are His absolute affection.

Matthew A. Reed
Copyright Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net