Flow, grow, and know.


Matter of perception

Ability to see is not a matter of perception
The veil is over many of hearts
Melody arises from deep within
Breaking forth now out of every pore
Greatest of shows, You and I are finally alone
You usher me to pure silence
Exhaling all oxygen out of the lungs
Planting my forehead down on the hard surface
Worshiping You has constantly grasped my attention
I choose to embrace You no matter the circumstances
Burning fire emanates out of my body, heavenly touch
Choose now to set the gaze upon You, Master

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed

Bursting out

Shutting down, worldly things lost it’s flavor
Self made meaning isn’t enough anymore
Rumbling around inside the Spirit
Unquenchable hunger that’s been ignored
Stopping now, everything is finished
Without Your presence there is nothing
Still silence wraps this moment
Fixed posture, holding in the oxygen
Wasted time, wasted years, constant motion
Grateful for what You reveal yet again
Endless Love has no boundaries

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A Reed – all rights reserved

Cold steps

Not wanting the next moment to pass quickly
Anticipation heightens all the senses
Cold steps toward the unimportant task
Determination can limit accurate perception
Their struggles are openly on display
Action-less compassion means absolutely nothing
Sounds of the heart fill the ears
Responding choice needs to be clear
Their faces say more than any words
Harsh concrete breaks all souls
The sea of people wrap around
How much longer will we be passive

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright – all rights reserved

‘Not the end’ (for Shane)

This is not the end of your story, your beautiful life,
you loved us with the deepest of meaning, brother.
Pain, scars, and wounds you carried through the years,
your heart came full-circle despite the torment.
You are called a true son of heaven,
your wisdom made a great imprint on my soul.
Seeing the value in others which isn’t easily perceived,
your home was open to everyone who walked the streets.
17 years of experience recalled in a moment,
days like these bring up many questions.
Emotional being, it’s not easy to push past my layers,
you always showed me how I was being a jerk.
Going over to your dwelling to fellowship through the evening,
this is no longer an option, this side of His glory.
Great loss has a way to twist, confuse, and distort,
your love Lord reigns true throughout all the generations.
The line has been drawn and cannot be moved,
your word Lord is the truth that guides my life.
Many memories were passed between you and I, brother,
You are with my King now, but I miss you so much.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

During days

Measurement of time released in human care,
regrettable choices made will echo no more.
Consuming fire removing self centered actions,
what will stand and fall all shall in the open.
Dress rehearsals are never allowed during days,
the great war for souls rages onward.
Flowing up from the flesh of our palms,
particles of heaven manifested beautifully.
The hope called light embedded deep within,
we are formed and fashioned for this period.
Touch the darkness surrounding all about,
more stand with us here, do not fear.
Growth appears throughout unseen chambers,
embracing Him will determine the course.
Great suffering once endured at a great cost,
The Way is shown for others to obtain.
False images reflect back from the mirrors,
mercy perception is abundantly clear.
The cheers of heaven have set our stage,
courage comes from revelation of truth.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2016 Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved.

‘For Ben’

Reverence is not a word you use lightly,
holiness of God consumes your soul.
Journey that’s given, journey you been liven,
encounter the greatness of God in little ways.
Royal priesthood, you honor God so deeply,
your awe for God impacts His heart, daily.
Jumping right in is your true nature,
ways of heaven to you are priceless.
Hope is the essence of our faith,
see plainly the possibilities in others.
Measure the value with in each person,
your constant gaze discovering their treasures.
Mask over your face you do wear well,
transparency is your gift not to be hidden.
Flame within your eyes a passionate zeal,
the burdens of life extinguishes nothing.
Day upon days within your prayer closet,
time stands still when your with The Father.
Other’s falling is not your failure,
be encouraged this day, He embraces you tightly.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright 2016 – Matthew A. Reed at warriorbreed.net

Tears that I wanted

Tears that I wanted to cry, tears for all the lies,
no tears do I have left, my face is not wet.
Years that’s been given, years that I’ve been liven,
how many more years do I have left.
Life in seasons, life for a reason,
ungraspable length of time, determined quality of life.
Shortness of the day, shortness of the stage,
length of opportunities are shorter than expected.
Stop and just let me be, go ahead and get away,
pushing people far can be quite effective.
Running life’s race faster than all participants,
many wounds cannot be sealed any longer.
Abruptly stopping, palms touch the hard surface,
fragile life, our strength is never enough.
There is One, One whose knowledge cannot be quenched,
close proximity here today, He counts our wanting tears.


Matthew Alexander Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved