Flow, grow, and know.


Hold on

Arms crossed over the chest so tightly,
His passion is released with calculated precision.
Circular questions cloud the mind,
Compassion is never misplaced concerning you.
A glimmer was tasted this very day,
God’s ferocious love overflows in waves.
Pursuing Him is the given mandate,
Hold on until all vigor runs out.
Leaning upon him for the daily struggle,
A child of heaven forever belongs.
Others’ questions cannot be answered,
Jesus is always the hope of glory.
Accepting utter surrender is only the beginning,
Never let go of His holy truth.
Your life is a gift from the Father above,
Enter into His peaceful arms.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A Reed @ http://warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

Stillness of times

We bow down planted upon the floor,
complete awe overwhelms the soul.
Your goodness strengthens this very moment,
faithfulness is your nature define.
You love burns ever so brightly,
harmony is discovered amongst the stillness of times.
You are the hope in this situation,
praise propels my flesh to your side.
Comfort is not based on current circumstances,
emotional individual, you are so kind.
Torture to suffering is not in your character,
you are always the most sought after answer.
A few more words must be forever scribed,
My Lord, you embody absolute compassion.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved


Most precious strings of the heart, completely torn away, seconds following the next.
Embraced with vigor, great affection carried about, loses substance right before sight.
Gripping it completely, palm of the hand, disintegrates without our choice or control.
Pieces peeling more in abundance, flesh melts away, the shock is uncontainable.
Tears stream down the face, gasping for air, hitting the ground, unwilling to speak.
Plunging into the earth making dents, entirely sprawled out, strength isn’t an option.
Grand arrival at the destination of desperation, life actions intersecting at this collision.
Inner strength poured out over this matter, gushing drain that’s removed my depth.
Ferocious storms bombard our lifespan, one comes to a close more on the horizon.
Tiredness, weariness, hopelessness, exhaustion sets in, absolute attention is needed.
Loss so great with the forbidden fruit disobedience, redemption was always the plan.
Away with what’s been transpired, pure love expands throughout every avenue of time.
Precious people are lost every day anew, hold fond memories in our heart center.
Profuse compassion for all the nations, not one child was ever meant to be separated.
Jehovah is the only true living God, the expansion of Him will never be measured.


Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

James, the hurting

Cursing at the heavens with painful roars, anger embedded throughout his entire soul.
Reaching to believe searching for answers, the cares of this life struck too deeply.
Wide open are the screams of his mouth, agony tells the tale of toucher.
Flesh of my flesh you are forever lost, lies upon lies surround me tightly.
Climbing the vertical wall impossible path, strength of my bones fails so quickly.
Painful memories haunt the days, life came crumbing down in one moment.
Ability to live is no longer wanted, I beg for the end what’s next must be better.
The reservoir of years the tears have dried up, the coffin is my goal and I’m achieve it.
Does a life have less value because of the struggle, God’s love expression will never change.
Son you are because you love Me, what is the future that you choose to write.
I honor you beloved through the very end, pain limits, kills, and destroys upon this planet.
“I Am” that stands within all your seconds, His love is forever unwavering.
A mere glimmer is now the experience indeed, you will be embraced throughout the Millennia.
The image perceived through the eye of compassion, you are My beautiful child, simply amazing.
Faithfulness of God is completely uncontested, this will be known by everyone in the end.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015 Matthew A. Reed – all rights are reserved

Push through

Opposition is pressing, here is the line, the boundary has been set, you shall go no further.
Great barrier, unmovable force,
taking in the scene, exhaling the breath.
Feeling the surface with all it’s strength, intimidating force, bigger than the realm of my perception.
Hopelessness is the substance of its woven essence, fear fuels the flame of my enemy.
A lie is a truth that has been slightly altered, reality or not, found in my belief system.
Knowledge is the plan for all of God’s children, value all the seconds that you have been granted.
In the battles fury we have all been wounded, choose whether this affects us for a moment or a lifetime.
All have been hurt and the multitudes broken, release the pain and carry the scars from this day forth.
Choice is presented in the surrounding circumstances, never stop your God given quest.
Beauty that’s found in the pile of rubble, discover the gems inside the bodies of dust.
Squeeze a moment and lose a lifetime, regret isn’t worth the punishment that it carries.
It’s never truly over unless we let go, influence the ones around you.
Existence surrendered to a loving King, never put out the embers of dreams.

-Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved.

“I’ve raised my hand”

Piercing the air, boldness on display, my God, my Lord, I stand for you alone.
Pushed up in the sky all eyes gazing upon, hand gesture makes our stand a clear signal to be judged.
Standing in front of all the masses, people’s pressure pressing our shoulders.
Thousands of thousands everyone wants to change us, alone I am with God under the stars.
Commanding a life that is rare and challenged, leading a family, people and nation.
Multitudes surround for the great cause ahead, soldiers that’s related through holy blood.
Shouts arise from this generation’s mouth, movement side by side together in one accord.
Battlecries of vengeance for those who were stolen, laying down selfish living is our sacrifice.
Vindication is reserved for The Masters hand, rest in the midst in our weakest moments.
Contend in the great fight with all that is given, strengthen in faith, embrace The Spirit.
Breath deeply and realize the cost of others, evaluate the scene, holy fire burns deeply.
Leadership is needed who shall stand in this hour, demonic lies hinders Godly destines.
Strategic placement throughout the planet, together we are one, slumber that’s fallen us shall cease. Steward true hope in the inner most places, peace reigns out the times of understanding.
Return our life that was so costly given, Heavens expansion is of the upmost importance.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

Journey of trials

Fiery streaks pushing to the surface, cracking the darkness, breaking the fear.
Exuberant power growing in strength, the eye cannot behold His glory in possibilities.
Pushing back enduring the force, heavenly course that nothing can cease.
Father of lights, the most passionate Being, He loves us dearly by sending The One.
Priceless gift was God the man, He will hold you during the hardest trial.
Embracing the arm protecting what matters, we are never truly alone.
Steam is released and the metal is burning, compassion will always endure.
Serene scene unfolding in the sky, attention is drawn to the invading peace.
Standing behind an unknown figure, turning around with a quick movement.
Journey of trials that constantly extinguishes many, an enemy is known, the defeated one.
Consistent untruths through our arena of thoughts, un-secretive origin, the pit of death.
Heavenly wisdom is released when pursued, our God points out clearly the direction.
Presence reigns in and overtakes, steward well the inner most heart atmosphere.
Electric force flows from the throne above, trust His provision in the moment of need.
Don’t allow days fall by the thousands, challenge our mountains knowing the answer.
Stir up now for the cause of The Master, the joy of the King is ours to unleash.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved