Flow, grow, and know.


Meet Steve:

Meet Steve: We came across this fellow believer last Thursday night during Street Ministry. At the time he had 4 days sobriety, was away from his wife, homeless, hoping to get a new job and just plainly emotionally hurt. During conversation Our Lord showed me a few things about his pain in his legs. Steve was very open to prayer and Mary and I interceded for him to The King of Kings. All pain left his legs (except tightness in his feet) and he was also healed of shoulder injury that Steve didn’t tell us about. We encouraged him with scripture and believe that God was bringing complete healing to his body and life. This man was so humbled by The Lord that night that Steve was basically crying. Steve left the convo feeling refreshed, encouraged, and knowing that The Lord was making crooked paths straight in his life! All the glory be to God! -Matthew 5/2/17




Meet Carlos

Meet Carlos: This S.M. day was different because their was a “sweep” of the homeless a few days before. So a ‘hotspot’ that we go to share the Gospel and pray for the homeless was basically empty… but we had the pleasure to meet Carlos. After giving Carlos a coat which sparked conversation… the Lord showed me the pain in his feet. After asking Carlos if this were true, he told me the story. Carlos was riding on a bike one day and was hit by a car. It severely broke his body and he had to have many surgeries just to be ‘normal’ again. So we prayed for his feet about 3 times and Carlos was experiencing more relief with each prayer. After the last time we prayed I asked him how his feet were and Carlos said “I can now return to work”. Praise God! Carlos shared his faith in Christ with us and we were celebrating, giving all the glory to God!

Please pray for the Lord to open up an door for an opportunity for gainful employment for Carlos. Many blessings and thanks for praying!!!



Meet Johnny

Meet Johnny: So I umm…. chased Johnny down after he limped past me on the streets. Asking Johnny why he was limping he said that both of his knee’s are ‘shot’ and that he needs for both of them to be replaced. I started to share with Johnny the love of God and Johnny cut me off and said that The Lord healed him of lung cancer in 2000 and that Johnny knows and believes in the love of God. So Johnny agreed to prayer and felt a little better. He was gracious and let me pray again and I asked Johnny to walk….so he did and said it felt better but not much change. We said goodbye and as Johnny walked away he stopped, turned, and yelled at me that he was pain-free! Johnny was shocked, especially since he had no knee-caps and thus he let me pray that God would give him new knee-caps. Praise God!

Two more testimonies at Matthewdenver.com – ‘under testimonies’ tab.


Highlight for Street Ministry 3-19-16

Street Ministry highlight 3-19-16

(I’m changing the names to protect theses young men). Walking back praying for someone who was holding a sign I was trying to get back to the team. I saw two teens pulling some luggage and in that moment (in my heart) I saw something in one young man’s knees. So approaching them I asked about what was wrong with his knees. Stan replied ‘I was born like this, I was born with major pain in both knees’. I asked if I could pray and they were both stunned so they agreed. After a couple prayers Stan said ‘They do feel better’ was stretching his knees and both were open to everything I had to say. Eric (the other young man) starting sharing some and I saw so much pain surrounding him. Calling that fact out he nodded and said that he had been homeless since age 7. Eric briefly shared about his traumatic past, but more shared about what they were doing to survive on the streets. Eric let me pray for him as well and he felt the peace of God enter into him. So the conversation turned to purpose and why we were alive. So I got the privilege to share the gospel of God’s love with Stan and Eric for about ten minutes and at the end, they let me pray for them together, again! It was quite an encounter that got their attention. The Lord softened their heart greatly that day and I’m convinced that they will give their lives to God soon. Praise God!


Two cool highlights from today’s ‘Street ministry’

Two highlights for me on the 16th street mall during Street Ministry.

This man walked pasted us and I saw something in his shoulder. Later, I ran up to him and got a chance to have a conversation. I told Cody what was seen and he mentioned that it was the other shoulder that was dislocated in a fight when he was trying to protect someone. He allow me to pray two different times for his shoulder (which was healed!) and the Lord showed me something in his heart. I spoke about the great pain I saw and Cody mentioned the situation with his girlfriend. After another time of prayer he was happy with the feeling of peace in his heart and healing in the shoulder. So we talked about the love of God. Cody mentioned that he believes in all religions but I spoke specifically about the love of Jesus and how much Jesus cared for Him. Didn’t get a chance to lead him to The Father in that moment but I believe that God is working in his life. Please pray for Cody this week and that the Lord would keep revealing his goodness to Cody, Romans 2:4.

Later in the day a team member and I were walking to a homeless man. On the way I sensed pain in the stomach of what I thought to be a woman in this family. So I went back and said something to her, but she said it wasn’t her but her son who had pain in his stomach and issues with his bowels. So I asked the Father to put his had on Lucian and I placed mine on the Father and we prayed. The short encounter was over but God’s name be glorifed. What an honor it was to pray for this little boy name Lucian.

8-30-15 testimony

While the church was feeding people downstairs I ran into this man who appear to be homeless. He was a real big man and started to tell me what parts of the sermon that he appreciated. Then elaborate about what God has been doing his life through the Body of Christ. While he was speaking I could sense the Holy Spirit moving in his heart and his body. He was recounting all the ways that God have been softening him and after he was finished speaking I told him what I sensed the Lord was doing. He admitted that he did feel the peace in his heart and a lot lighter. Then in his knee where he has been having major pain, I told him that it was his right knee and that the Lord just took away all the pain. He moved it up and down about three four times and was grateful for what the Lord has done. Apparently it kinda freaked him out because he left right after he knew the pain was gone and question how long it would last. But it’s totally and completely healed, Praise God!

is God real? – testimony

Working for the event company the other day we were building some serious temporary floor and during the lunch period the crew started talking about if God was real.

One of the Foremen from AZ said “I don’t know if it’s Muhammed, Buddha, or Jesus but someone is up there, that someone was real”. So this peaked my interest and I asked him what was wrong with his shoulder. He said nothing but the crew member next to me said “my left shoulder pops out all the time. In fact if I don’t watch it at night I can roll over on it have it pop out and not sleep.”

At that moment everyone went back to work but I followed this man and asked if I can pray…. He said “of course, I’m Catholic”. After a 10 second prayer the man was instantly completely healed. He checked it out and the look on his face was different, so I prayed again and days afterwards the pain has never returned and hasn’t popped out at all. I affirmed Jesus love for the man a few times and walked away.

I walked directly over to the Foreman and said Jesus just healed that man’s shoulder, He is real. Go ahead and ask the crew member and he will tell you. Then I returned to work.

Jesus is God and He is OH SO REAL!