Flow, grow, and know.



Piercing stare through all the noise,
a heart for God established by tears.
Closing of the eyes to focus clearly,
do you see me or just what you want to.
Aging through what is given, lessons I’ve
learned, do not be afraid to embrace me tightly.
Grasping all words spoken aloud before me,
I choose to cherish all moments of time.
Years of pain, body hasn’t acted the same,
your love for me has always been near.
Mimicking the words of the song by lips,
I respect you Father no matter what happens.
Positioned forward to soak up everything,
my life is yours purchased by real suffering.
Let understanding be open to gain what matters
the most, you are worth waiting for through this life.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2016, Matthew A. Reed @ warriorbreed.net – all rights reserved

Kris testimony – 16th Street

This past weekend at the 16th street mall, I was standing next to Jason (a fellow street minister), as he was speaking to some homeless people. I look at a man in the background and heard the Lord point out his knees. I approached Kris and told him what I heard. He said “ How did you know that?”. I began to share the Gospel message. The initial prayer was early in the conversation but what was amazing was the next 30 min journey of Kris’s life and struggle. Usually we get so blessed when people let us pray, but Kris was bold and God touched and soften his heart and he let us into his life. He shared what physical issues he has and the emotional and relational. He spoke of his natural kids and step children as well. Kris mentioned a heart of reconciliation that he desired and restoration in so many areas of his life. After a journey of prayer (about 3-4) he asked me to baptize him again. What an honor! 24 hours later, he called me on his Obama phone and let me know that he was 95% pain free, especially his right knee! Please pray for Kris as he’s asking for housing and ready to begin God’s path of healing for him!


James, the hurting

Cursing at the heavens with painful roars, anger embedded throughout his entire soul.
Reaching to believe searching for answers, the cares of this life struck too deeply.
Wide open are the screams of his mouth, agony tells the tale of toucher.
Flesh of my flesh you are forever lost, lies upon lies surround me tightly.
Climbing the vertical wall impossible path, strength of my bones fails so quickly.
Painful memories haunt the days, life came crumbing down in one moment.
Ability to live is no longer wanted, I beg for the end what’s next must be better.
The reservoir of years the tears have dried up, the coffin is my goal and I’m achieve it.
Does a life have less value because of the struggle, God’s love expression will never change.
Son you are because you love Me, what is the future that you choose to write.
I honor you beloved through the very end, pain limits, kills, and destroys upon this planet.
“I Am” that stands within all your seconds, His love is forever unwavering.
A mere glimmer is now the experience indeed, you will be embraced throughout the Millennia.
The image perceived through the eye of compassion, you are My beautiful child, simply amazing.
Faithfulness of God is completely uncontested, this will be known by everyone in the end.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015 Matthew A. Reed – all rights are reserved

Through this pen

The passion of my heart is poured through this pen, please Lord let us start over yet once again. Your ability is freely given without my toil, Lord show us how to be completely loyal. The trust in God replays over and over again, develop my virtue to gain your trust. The endless stare plainly on their faces, everyone posses unanswered questions. One bad decision cause lots of damage, but submission teaches the depths of surrender. Your heart song smooths my chaos, you always streamline the rhythms of me. Against the barriers until I break, you shall never be taken lightly. Heavenly passion burns deep, bright, and complete; your desires invigorates the vision to push forward. Know this now Lord, you are the driving force, allow me to speak upon your behalf. The world doesn’t know that they are in waiting, increase our ability to be perfectly in tune. Your life is given so that mine cannot be stolen, let’s meet in this place, here in this moment.

Matthew A. Reed

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

Open the door

Open the door that’s right in front, sometimes a step is all that is ever asked of you. Wall of fear that’s tall and planted for so many years, set your attention upon the throne of love. Open hand receiving a golden scepter, a voice for His majesty this day forth. Illuminated heavenly path through this darkened planet, souls in desperate need at every single corner. Veil that hinders truth for the masses, always remember to love, love, love. Push open the door without all the answers, your King is calling you to come up higher. Cannot lose in the race of humanity, be near, be close, hear from His heart. Heaven’s radiate fire out of the flesh, consume my thoughts, emotions and desires. Flaming sword of the Spirit, given to win absolute victory. Is it over before its ever begun, God’s timetable is so much different. Godly visitation, everyone wants a few, intimacy is what The Father desires. Raise up your hand in the middle of the struggle, The Father raises His when we decide to raise ours. Hope aligned in the secret of places, God’s goodness is overwhelming my being. Take a knee and bow closely to the floor, The King of Glory is here and reigns forever. 

-M, 3/2/15

BSSM 1st year Worship Set

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

Standing upon

Standing upon”

Standing upon the mountain that You’ve placed me, the strings of my heart play the melody that You sing. In one accord we are all in awe of Your majesty, please flood the earth with Your glory that we seek. More of you is wanted, more of you is always desired, You have ruined me Lord, all I yearn for is more. Arm across the back like a dear ole friend, I feel you hugging me Lord, every single night. The holiness of Your name changes all matters, all things are possible for You, my Lord. Break down all the barriers of limitations within my soul, lets walk hand in hand these numbered days. The future is now and the past slips away, we realize now that it’s always has been about You. Light the fire to burn oh so deeply, catch me on fire so I can set more ablaze. Calling out one in the midst of the 99, let us all take in the hope that is being released. Power to be displayed, the glorious gospel, wreck us all Lord with your aggressive love. Trusting you Lord, especially when there is nothing else, you always cause me to grow and mature. Peace, remain silent, all flesh be still, please take the lead of this day, that is my will. 

Night of Worship
Bethel Church

Copyright (c) 2015, Matthew A. Reed – all rights reserved

One thing

One thing is the same throughout all of history, His love for all people remains. So many questions that have arisen from the ashes that surround all of us, it’s deceptive to base His character off anything else than the truth. From the beginning of each day until the night covering stars, true love burns through the timeline of humanity. Heaven downloads and speaks to people, God has so much more for you than what you are experiencing. Laid out flat against the floor, His presence flows over you, heavenly encounter. A Father is reaching just to embrace His child; how will you respond even if you cannot see him? In the stillness of moments God is given room to respond and release life the ways that He chooses. Some go deep, others want more, hunger is birthed to guide us into His arms. Though our veins are the rhythms of heaven, power surging throughout every molecule. Inside out, only need to believe, His family expands every single day. Leading light into the depths of the heart, vibrations resound deep within our souls. Fear has no room in a believers journey, it’s an opportunity for faith to be displayed. Just remember one more thing, that you are now and forever safe!

-M, 3/1/15

Copyright (c) Matthew A. Reed, all rights reserved