Flow, grow, and know.



Today, I went downtown and joined with Streets2Life ministry. Their mission is building long term relationships with the homeless population and being able to hopefully help out individuals. They have some relationships with people on the streets for over 6 years and beyond. They have a Sunday meal and try to create jobs (in the long term) for individuals. A shirt print shop is one way Streets2Life tries to create jobs. It was quite different for me passing out coffee and having really short conversations, but I saw dignity in what they were doing. How to connect with the homeless on a long term level (they asked me to not evangelize and see how they operate) to let the homeless know (in a different way) that they are valued and loved. I loved partnering with someone else’s vision and seeing how they show the love of Christ. Sometimes we are to busy trying to figure out what God is doing through us and forget to uplift and partner with other ministries vision, at least I do sometimes. By the way, I did get to pray for this lady (only because I recognized her) who has issues with her bladder and is on a replacement list. The doctors actually are surprised she is still alive and keep pushing her down the list for some reason. She’s been chronically homeless since 2010 and without her own place since 1987. Please pray for this nameless lady that all of her organs to be healed and for The Lord to change out of chronic homelessness and for the other individuals that we met on the streets, today. God bless you guys! Love you!